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How To Upload Front and Back Designs on Pullover Hoodies

  1. Open Photoshop and create an image size of 2000 X 1382 pixels. ( 150 DPI)
  2. Insert the below “Layout Front and Back” image to the photoshop file so you can know where to place your designs.
  3. Place your front and back designs on separate layer. Then use “Layout Front and Back” as a guide to where you want your designs placed on the hoodie.
  4.  Turn off the “Layout Front and Back” and extract your designs into one file png format with transparent background.
  5. Upload the png file into Spark. First scale and move the design on how you want it placed on the Front of the hoodie. Then click “ Next” and move to the Back View. Check Video here for an example

Note if you don’t want a back design, just simply move the design away from the print area or design area from the back of the hoodie.

Tips for Design

- Ensure you have a different design on the front then the back. 

- Have the design on the back more dramatic.