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1. How do I get Paid?
 With Spark you have two options for payment. Either you choose a wire transfer or paypal. Sales amount need to be more then 100 SR for a payment to be done to reduce bank transaction fees. Note for international transfers (without paypal), sales amount has to be over 1000 SR to cover international bank fees.

2. When do I get Paid?

Payment is done every two months and handled by the spark accounting team. If your have any questions, please forward you request to

Payments are done in the following months:- February, April, June, August, October, December.

3. How is the pricing determined?
Spark pricing systems was developed to sustain a healthy eco system for artist to sell their work. For each product Spark sale, you earn 15% of the sale price.  The remaining cost covers things like cost of manufacturing, packaging, storage and inventory, outsourcing the finest products, maintaining the machinery, maintaining the website with up to date standards, marketing and many more.  

4. Why do I only receive 15% from each sale?
Spark not only provides you with a cutting-edge online store and free marketing, we manufacture your products too! Plus, Spark showcases artist designs at high-profile events throughout the year. In short, we do more — much more — than other platforms to help ensure your success.

5. How do I know how many of my designs have sold?
Spark web application is developed to provide you real time notification of your sales.  To check your sales go to your profile and click on “Your Sales.” This will give you all the details of your sales, including the date the sale was made, the income you made out of the sale, and, and the status of the order — pending, out for delivery, or delivered.