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How do I know the quality of the products is good?
We know you have a reputation to uphold — so we go to great lengths to ensure the products we use are of the highest quality. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our products that we list all details and specifications about them at the bottom of each product page.

When I upload my designs they look really small on the products, why?
Please be sure your designs follow these guidelines:

  • Not smaller than 3500 pixels x 3500 pixels
  • Saved in PNG format (not JPEG or Ai)
  • Maximum of 30MB can be uploaded to Spark

Is there a minimum or maximum number of designs I should upload?
Nope. You can upload as few or as many designs as you want. But, keep in mind that customers love options — which means adding more designs can maximize your sales potential! Cha-ching! Plus, a solid collection of designs helps reaffirm your status as an established artist — which adds value to your designs.

Will I be credited for my work?
Absolutely! Your recognition as an artist is just as important to us as it is to you. In fact, once you sign up, you create your own profile so there’s no doubt about who created your jaw-dropping designs. From then on out, all the designs you upload and adjust on our products will be located in your profile. Your name will also be visible in the public category pages where people can see the artist who created that specific design! To further personalize your profile (and attract more visitors) you can add your add your own profile picture.

What are the terms and conditions for joining Spark?

Please note that in order to use A DESIGN (which can implicate a photo, image, text, name, brand or saying) you must have FULL RIGHTS to use this design. Spark reserves the right to abstain from printing any designs under suspicion of being an infringement upon intellectual property rights.

By uploading or saving a design you agree that:

  • You hold the rights to commercially reproduce this design.
  • You also release us from any claims made as a result of any property right infringement. You understand that infringement of property rights is illegal. If you have any doubt as to the legal ownership of a design you should check with the rightful owner that you are able to use the design before uploading.
  • You understand that we act under your instructions and are not obligated in any way to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any designs.
  • You agree to indemnify and defend Spark for any claims made as a result of alleged infringements including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, or other intellectual property claims, including any payments for damages sustained by a claimant and attorneys’ fees incurred by you to defend against any claims made.

Will my work be in art galleries?
Possibly! At the end of each month a panel of judges will choose selected artists whose work will be showcased at events Spark participates in.

Why are some of my designs public and others are private?
Once you upload your design it is reviewed by a committee. The committee evaluates the design to ensure it doesn’t contain any inappropriate material, to confirm that it’s suitable for printing, etc. Then the committee approves it for public or private viewing.

If I have problems with signing up, technical difficulties, or any other questions about Spark, who can I contact?
Send your questions or concerns to A Spark representative will be happy to help you.