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What’s in your gallery?

How do you feel about mixing and matching unreservedly? With Spark’s bold designs and colors, you’ll never run out of options. So fill your tote not with what you need but with what you want. Carry it on your wrest. Sling it on your arm. Fling it over your shoulder. Let your notebook spill with secrets, one page at a time. Flaunt your mobile. Take it out every second you can. You must. Your mobile cover doesn’t like to be hidden from view. Let it share the spotlight with you. Pretend you’re making a very important call. Hang up mid-sentence and dial again. Repeat.

Think of your tote as a gallery. You, the curator. How many art pieces do you have inside your tote? Who are the artists? Where are they from? And what other designs do you own by them? We’d love to hear from you. Tag us at with your Spark creations.