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 Spark is a diverse creative community that combines the eclectic with the original. 
It is a marketplace where exceptionally stunning art, by local and international artists, can be purchased 
straight from the artists, at affordable prices.

"Designers Marketplace"

by Mohamed Refat, Egypt
100% Preshrunk Cotton T-shirt

" Everyone can get inspired at 
Spark, Everyone can create 
products at Spark "

Spark is where you get inspired to add your own unique touch to quality products while you pick and choose from an impressive range of one-of-a-kind designs. Products are tailored to each buyer and hand-made in Saudi Arabia, using only the finest materials to ensure the absolute best quality. At Spark we use the latest printing and manufacturing technology to embed your high-resolution designs onto the product, with zero risk of peeling or fading.

by Khtt, Saudi Arabia  
A collaboration by two high profile artist.

" Every item at Spark is as unique as 
the person buying it. When we say quality,
we absolutely mean quality. "

By Mohamed Refat, Egypt
Throw Pillow 

Spark stands by every artist and creative initiative. So with every distinctive purchase you make,  
you’re also supporting and inspiring the artists to continue pursuing their passion, 
as Spark provides them with a profit for what they do best.  

" With every distinctive purchase you make at
Spark you're also supporting and inspiring the 
 to continue pursuing their passion "

Spark is designed to make it easy for everybody to express their creative passion 
through their personal style and design their own products.

by Fida Al Hussan, Riyadh
iPhone 6 Phone Case

We believe that you are what you choose to be, not what a fashion label tells you! So feel free to 
choose from hundreds of stylishly original T-shirts, gorgeous wall art, 
distinctive phone cases, and much more.