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Introducing the Daw’ Collection, by Spark

This collection draws inspiration from the Arabic word DAW’ which means Light - designed for the creators and the innovators who use Daw’ in a masterly way. 

The concept began with a focused vision to highlight the different emotions that both word and concepts evoke in us. This concept resulted in Daw’ in its philosophical, spiritual, scientific, human and universal shades. Light as a representation of life, knowledge and completeness. 

We collaborated with Ali Chaaban, a Jeddah-based creative artist. His vision has been instrumental in reflecting the elusive relation between light and darkness, shadow and shade, fusing together a wide spectrum of evasive rays and beams to create a vestige of countless possibilities. 

The Daw’ collection is printed straight into the fabric using digital technology and then tailor made into a T-shirt. The result is a smooth print with a confident fit. The Daw’ collection is available on Spark Premium T-shirts for men and women. 

Click the images below to explore the Daw’ products from SPARK.