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Apple has introduced yet a new innovation with the launch of the iPhone 7 cases. This means the dynamic of Spark cases has changed to custom such an innovation. All Spark phone cases uses Space Age Polygon to offer the utmost protection to your phones. Flexible enough to snap on your phone with ease, yet strong enough to protect your device from bumps, drops, and scratches — and its raised case edges help safeguard your screen. Available on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus cases.

Extra silicon sleeve,  means extra protection with Spark Tough Case option. From a day at the office to a weekend  at the beach, Spark's strong silicon sleeve protects 100% of your phone’s outer surface 24/7.  Spark iPhone cases are designed with precise engineering to fit your phone like a champ, and perform like one too — keeping your phone safe, but never obstructing its buttons, ports, or sensors. Because seriously, who needs that hassle?

At Spark, Image is everything. Our advanced 3D image transfer process ensures the back and sides of your case boasts sharp, professionally finished design. This allows you to have printed iPhone cases equivalent to retail quality you find at worldwide stores. Even better, Spark advanced technology embeds high resolution design right into the case itself, so you won’t stress about it peeling or fading.

Shop custom iPhone 7 cases now at Spark, and if you are selling your art at spark, take this opportunity to be the first to spread the news of your designs on the new iPhone 7 cases!

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