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Dimensions & Format

Keeping Dimensions and Format in mind is essential to ensure that your designs will print really well on our products.

Please read the below pointers to find out all you need to achieve that.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of high-resolution files to achieving excellent, clear prints.

Resolution is measured in pixels. We love pixels so much because we know how important they are. Pixels matter. So, pixel pixel all the way. Think of it as a family tree. If your first name was Pixel, your last name would be Resolution. And that, my dear, is permanent.

Product Dimension Requirements

We have identified specific dimensions to go with each product type to ensure a good quality print. Those dimensions reflect to the minimum resolution a file needs to have to be fit the requirements to be printed on a certain product. Please take time to review the information below to identify which resolution better fits your design and the product/s you choose to print it on.

Please bear in mind that:

  • Images with resolution above 10Mb might cripple our site or slow it tremendously and therefore CANNOT be accepted on the site.
  • DPI and PPI need to be at 150 pixel / inch.
  • All Spark products use CYMK colors. 


5250x7850 pixels. 


 2875x3900 pixels.  The file must be a PNG for transparencies to be saved.

Graphic T-Shirts

4134x3273 pixels. 

Tote Bags & Pillows

2657x2657 pixels. 

Phone Cases 

1181 X 1890 pixels will cover the printable area. However, you can resize larger images to fit. 

Spiral Notebooks

874x1240 pixels. 

Art Frames, Canvas & Posters

A4 size:  1240 X 1772 pixels

A3 size : 1772 X 2480 pixels

A2 size : 2481 X 3484 pixels

A1 size : 3484 X 4961 pixels

File Type

Files uploaded to Spark should ONLY be JPEG and/or PNG.