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Deyaa Rambo extends his work to Wearable Art.

Deyaa’s collaboration with Spark extends his creative work to wearable art. Art people can relate to, touch and wear

"Once the artist uncages his potential, no canvas is too big and no idea is too small. Just put that first brush stroke to paper and let your creativity guide the free flow of your expressions." Deyaa Rambo

What inspires you to create?

Everything beautiful in life - nature, science, various cultures - all of those inspire and enable creativity. Imagination is endless and it's important to be well informed about art and to interact and mix with artists all over the world and let imagination and inspiration roam freely.

What message do you want your graffiti to send?

Peace and freedom are two essential messages I express through graffiti. Art is happiness and it is an amazing feeling to see that feeling touch and affect others.

"I am constantly thinking of the endless possibilities of shapes, the subtle sounds of colors, and the intertwined dimensions of graffiti art." Deyaa Rambo

Why are you collaborating with Spark?

It is a great feeling to see your designs and art on a Tshirt. As an artist, it is important for me to give everything I own its value. It is definitely fulfilling to wear something that has inherent value, meaning, and has a message to deliver. Spark made that easy for me by giving me the opportunity and means to achieve that goal. I do that by the click of a button from my own house.

Mention 4 things you like about Spark

There were times when I wanted to create designs for Tshirt, but I had to put off the decision because I was busy trying to find material with quality and research quantity and sizes. Collaboration with Spark had made all of that easy, saving me time and effort to create art.

What are challenges facing graffiti artists here?

Lack of art awareness in others and increasing the awareness in graffiti artists, those are the two biggest challenges. I would love to be able to communicate this art in a much better fashion than the way it was communicated to me when I started.

How do you see Spark adding value to you and  local community?

Having your name among the names of some stellar artists, competition between other Spark artists, and being on one platform where everyone can easily own your art. That for me is a great value.

"With Spark, my art is alive. It’s moving. It’s touchable"


Tell us about your Spark experience so far?  From designing to receiving the final product?

I call it the Fast, Easy, Feasible experience to create your own product. Today I design and tomorrow I own my design, and the day after, others can own it too.

How did you get into Graphitti?

Through Google. Before 2005, I didn't know anything about graffiti except the street art left behind. When the first graffiti competition in Jeddah was held, I participated and from there on, I learned more about graffiti and met other artists. Graffiti and Facebook are great platforms to champion this art and inform people about it.


Collaboration between Spark and Deyaa means you get to own a limited edition of Deyaa's art on an array of Spark products.  Only 100 pieces will be available. 

The Limited Edition Designs has been SOLD OUT.