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AZEE : Art Changes Everything

Announcing the release of Abdulaziz Hassan A.K.A AZEE limited edition design with Spark. AZEE is a Saudi Graphitti artist that combines his artistic talent with the skill of graphite art to bring Arabic art into a new level.

Person :    Abdulaziz Hassan A.K.A AZEE
Passion :   Graffiti Artist - Cofounder of Dhad
Country :   KSA

What inspires you to create? 

Discovering various cultures, nature, and what lies beyond that. Connecting with artist from all over the world, listening to them document what goes around them, this creates an open space for thinking and inspiration and reflection.

How did you get into Graffiti? 

I started around 2005 after graduating from college. I usually trust and follow my heart and my heart lead me to graffiti where I created my own little space in this amazing universe of art. What I have learned in the process amazes me. I have learned that when talent is mixed with knowledge, civilizations start and prosper.

What message do you want your graffiti to send?
Peace, love, and harmony.

AZEE wearing a Spark Premium Tshirt and Spark Phone Case with his limited edition KAFFO design.

Why are you collaborating with Spark?
Spark created a healthy platform for artists to share their designs and celebrate creativity and harmony and work towards a common goal. I feel at home here.

Mention 4 things you like about Spark. 

Kindness, collaboration, quality, and constantly evolving by keeping up with what's new, whether it's fabrics or new ways of showcasing products and designs. I have to add to this Spark's excellent way of dealings with customers (and definitely artists) easily, thoughtfully, and in the shortest time possible

"There is so much power in a message… something for everyone. Art touches all and its impact changes everything" 

What are challenges facing graffiti artists here? 

Graffiti art isn't that well known here. There is some kind of misunderstanding and undervaluing of the art, as well as an undercurrent of negativity associated with it. There is also an obvious lack of workshops to steer this art in the right direction. But at the end, each artists and art lover will find his/her niche and follow the art best suited to them.

How do you see Spark adding value to you and the local community?

Spark is the best medium to publish and showcase the artists' various designs and creations.

Tell us about your Spark experience so far? From designing to receiving the final product? 

When you start feeling your success and seeing the outcome, this makes a great difference in your outlook towards art and creativity. There are a lot of small details and logistics in business which Spark handles - be it fabric quality, delivery, marketing, packaging, printing, developing the website, etc. A lot goes behind the scenes and Spark assumes the reins of all of that, leaving enough time for the artists to create.

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