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السعودية بحروف عربية
Throw Pillow
75 SAR
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Product Benefits
Extra Softness
Hand-crafted Construction
Rich Photographic Printing
Spark Signature Fabric
Superb colors, Extraordinary Softness, Hand-crafted quality.
Care Guide
Throw Pillow
About The Artist

Yazid Altalla

Gaza, Palestinian Territory, Occupied
مصمم داخلي "ديكور" ، ملهم ولدي شغف بالفن بشكل عام وبفن الخط العربي بشكل خاص ، أكتفي بعرض أعمالي لشخص يشاهدها لأول مرة عوضاً عن وصفها بالحديث ، فالصورة توصل ما لا تستطيع الحواس إيصاله Interior designer "Decor", inspired and I have a passion for art in general and in Arabic calligraphy in particular, I only offer my work to a person who watches it for the first time instead of describing it by talking, the image reaches what the senses can not deliver

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Throw Pillow